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The Duality of Adventure

Greetings, everyone!

The second arrangement album, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Duality, is out today!

This album features a collection of soothing piano tracks as well as hard hitting rock arrangements by THE PRIMALS making it perfect for any mood!

The soundtrack is packed with bonuses, which includes a code for two in-game Orchestrion rolls. All of the details can be found by visiting the official site.

By the way, the “secret” song is amazing, and I recommend checking out it. Interestingly enough, the Japanese television station NHK is now using it for the theme song of their News Check 11 show!

If the words “THE PRIMALS” don’t hype you up enough to pick up the new album, I’m quite sure that a music video of Locus will do the trick!

All of the songs are also available on iTunes now, so if you prefer digital, that route is available as well!

Now then, time to put on my headphones and continue the work week with this album on loop!

-Camate (dreaming of being a member of THE PRIMALS…)

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