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Sprinting Through the Starlight

Season’s greetings, everyone!

We are just 10 days away from Fan Festival 2016 in Tokyo, and the North American community team is packing their bags and getting ready to take the long sleigh ride over to Japan. You can count on their being a ton of fun surprises, so be sure to grab a virtual ticket and tune in!

But before all of that, the Starlight Celebration is coming to Eorzea tomorrow to set the stage for the holiday season! This year’s reward items are as fancy as ever, and the new Starlight Robe takes the spotlight as the main spectacle.

I hear Tokyo is quite cold at the moment, and I wouldn’t mind one of these robes to keep me warm and toasty while streaming from Fan Festival!

Naturally, all the city-states will be decked out in holiday decorations, and there may just be some hidden fun elements to search out to add some seasonal spice to the event.

All of the details for the seasonal event can be found on the Starlight Celebration site.

Enjoy the Starlight Celebration as we put on the finishing touches for Fan Festival 2016 in Tokyo, and we will see you all during the live stream!


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