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Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go?

So last night I was looking into the new expansion World of Warcraft: Legion. I left WOW after the failed WOD expansion. I was sad to hear the Dev’s say they were going to continue with the WOD layout. Meaning three raids and several useless dungeons.  They will continue with a modified Garrison that is now your “Class Hall”. They are bringing Tier loot back to the LFR version of the raid, yay for that I guess.

I much prefer the way Final Fantasy XIV have done things. I really like the pseudo DKP you earn in dungeons and raids. This keeps the content viable. I like that they don’t have a “fool proof” version of the raid like LFR in WOW. You really have to want to wipe in a WOW LFR, it’s that easy. I like the gear that drops from FFXIV Duty Finder is commensurate with the level of difficulty. I like that I can go on vacation and come back and not have lost my raiding spot in the guild and am now 50 item level points below my replacement.

The other point in favor of FFXIV I’d like to make is that you do NOT have to raid to complete the main story. The trials are great for experiencing the end game main story.

Now with all that parading of FFXIV, I do have some CONS. For one to many cut scenes. There are cut scenes right after cut scenes…WTF! The art for Final Fantasy XIV is beautiful, however I do like the cartoony art of World of Warcraft. The lore of WOW is also more appealing where FFXIV seems to be a forced lore, like a really bad movie sequel written by a ghost writer.

I will be staying with Final Fantasy XIV, there is no compelling reason to go back to World of Warcraft for me.

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