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Of Birds and Books

Of Birds and Books

Greetings, everyone!

Only hours remain until it’s time to surrender our souls to Patch 3.4’s arrival, and then the countdown begins for those challenging to become the world’s first conquers of the new raid content, Alexander: The Creator.

While we wait for the patch to go live, the development team jumped into the new dungeons to perform their final testing, and we grabbed a bunch of screenshots of their adventures together.

Wake up Mr. Goobbue, it’s time to go! Mr. Goobbue?

I guess we’ll go on without him…

First stop: Xelphatol.

The Warriors of Light will be breaking into the Ixal stronghold to halt a ritual to once again summon Garuda!

Climbing up the mountain adventurers will find themselves confronting some of the biggest, baddest monsters yet…

An adorable sounder of baby boars! Perhaps the Ixal have a soft spot for cute? Speaking of which, I’m still worried about Mr. Goobbue–I hope he is okay…

Next destination: The Great Gubal Library (Hard).

School is in session, and it’s time to hit the books again! Quite literally.

There are volumes on volumes of fancy-looking books all around this vault of knowledge like these here–but beware the voidsent!

You’ll be happy to hear that both the background music and the animations are fabulous, and these elements will prove to make your visit back to the library very enjoyable.

We hope you are looking forward to exploring these new dungeons once the servers come up from maintenance. Speaking of which–what do you plan on tackling first when Patch 3.4 hits? We’d love to hear!


Source: LoadStone

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