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MMO Gear Finder

MMO Gear Finder

MMO Gear Finder is a project of mine stemmed from several friends of mine not knowing what to do in Final Fantasy XIV. I was attempting to swoon then to FFXIV from their  World of Warcraft slumps. After playing the MMO Final Fantasy XIV: Heavansward for a few weeks I noticed their involvement seemed to drop and they were progressing at a slower rate. After a few proverbial beers I learned they all had the same issue. They did not know what to do next, they did not feel comfortable with the game enough to know where the next quest hub is or the next big city to buy gear as they leveled. Having been a WoW player since beta I can say that WoW did a great job of directing you to the next quest hub and major cities. Final Fantasy XIV can be a bit discombobulating with the Main Story Quest line, Side Story Quests, Job Quests, Levemete Quests,  Gather Quests and Crafting Quests…did I forget any?

So, I thought, there must be others with the same frustration out there. I decided to make this my project…sort of a what to do next guide. Not so much as a leveling guide like the ones you see advertised on questionable gamer sites…like “Get max level and 12trillion gold in 4 days”. This site will inform you of where you should be at certain levels and how to progress once you hit 60. Since Final Fantasy XIV is a pseudo-open world game (loading screens, yikes!)  it can be difficult to narrow down the options.

This website is dedicated to giving guidance to those who need some direction in FFXIV. I would like to expand it to other MMO’s that I play such as Guild Wars 2, but one title at a time. If you would like to assist in another game title or even FFXIV let me know. You can reach me at .

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