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Best Vendor Weapons Currently in Destiny

Best Vendor Weapons Currently in Destiny


Buying gear from Destiny’s Tower vendors is a great way for both new and old level 40 players to get weapons that can compete in high-level PvP and PvE content. The issue that many players run into though is knowing which of the many options is worth their hard earned Legendary Marks, so with that in mind here are what I think are the three best weapons to pick up the next time you stop by the the Tower.

1. The Palindrome (Crucible Vendor)

This hand cannon fits into the mid rate of fire archetype that has been so dominant in the PvP meta for so long, and it comes with a great perk roll. Packing both Rifled Barrel and Rangefinder makes sure this gun can be as efficient as possible and are arguably the most valuable perks to have on a hand cannon. This combination alone makes picking the Palindrome up a no brainer but add to this that it also has Mulligan, Truesight, and a more vertical recoil pattern than Eyesluna means this gun is a must have.

2. Last-Ditch 001 (Dead Orbit)

The Matador is currently the king of shotguns in Destiny, but the only way to get a good roll on one is through random drops after Crucible matches. Dead Orbit’s Last-Ditch 001 is a Matador archetype shotgun with a pair of range perks and Quickdraw, which combined allow this gun to be very powerful in the current PvP meta. The Last-Ditch 001 is also worth considering for primarily PvE players.  The weapon’s perks are just as useful in these activities, and if you need a Void shotgun, it is a great option. Ultimately the Last-Ditch 001 will not outperform a Party Crash or Matador with a good roll, but if you are still grinding for one of these pick this up in the meantime.

3. Event Horizon (Crucible Vendor)

Snipers have seen better days in Destiny, but they can still work well in 3v3 game modes and PvE activities in the right hands. Not much can be done about the flinch nerf to snipers, but if you want to be able to shut down enemy supers with one headshot and do some strong damage to PvE bosses you need to pick up the Crucible Vendor Event Horizon. The vendor roll comes with Hidden Hand and Short Gaze SLH10; this helps to make up for the aim assist lost by switching from a 1000-Yard Stare or Longbow archetype. I think that the ability to stop a super with one shot is incredibly valuable, especially in Trials of Osiris, and the Event Horizon is an easily available and effective way to do this.[/fusion_text]

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