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Are you a webmaster?

Do you have a web site with relevant traffic? We can help you to monetize your traffic and turn it into profit.


Join our affiliate program!

  1. There’s no charge to join our affiliate program.

  2. A large 20% commission rate.

  3. Cookie duration of 15 days.

Join our affiliate program now, it's free

Affiliate programs are the best way to earn money without doing any real work. We do the selling, process all customer orders and handle all the customer support! You only need to send visitors to us – for every purchase made through your partner link, you earn a commission!

After your signup as our partner, you will be assigned a partner ID and your partner links.Every time a visitor comes to our site via your partner link, your partner ID will be saved on their computer as a cookie. Your partner ID will be automatically retrieved from the visitor whenever they use our purchase page and pass on to our order processing system. We take care of the entire shopping experience:customer service, and support and we track the sales generated from your links. You will also have online access to your sales reports.

We will send your earning by PayPal upon your request. You must accumulate at least $50 in commissions before receiving a payment.

You may not earn commissions on your own purchases and you may not act as your own downline. Violation of this restriction will result in termination of your affiliate account with the forfeiture of any earned commissions.

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