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About Us

About MMO Gear Finder

We are a group of MMORPG geeks that grew up and lost all the free time we used to have (but still geeks). Although we could not be as dedicated as our youthful counterparts, we learned that we have something they did

To buy a carry or clear is to offer someone something in return for their time and expertise; helping you achieve what you can not achieve on your own in a video game. To sell a carry is to do the reverse. Video games demand so much of our time that for some reaching the end game is difficult. There are players that have more resources than time. Resources can mean money, in-game or real world currencies.

MMO Gear Finder is a classified ad site for players to offer services to other players. We will never take a cut or charge a fee for posting. Buyers and sellers use a 3rd party online payment system such as PayPal to complete the trans action.

MMO Gear Finder will never ask for your account information, character names or in-game tags. You will have to provide this information some point to the buyer, that will always remain between the two of you.

Current supported game are: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Wildstar, Destiny, CSGO, and Elder Scrolls Onine. We will add more at your request.

Why choose us

Since we are not "middlemen" we do not charge a fee. Since we are an open market the prices are competitive. All this keeps our prices the lowest available. We don't ask for your game information, login or character names. Your privacy is important to us.

Our mission

To help MMORPG players get the most out of their game time. Why spend hours looking for a pick up raid that will fail, when you can secure a successful raid run.

Only creative solutions

Large number of experienced and skilled players offering carries, boosts, power leveling and mentoring. What ever your need, we have a solution.


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